Series 410 Models 78 and 79 Two-Way Shutoff Valved Nipples and Couplers

Series 410 Models 78 and 79 Two-Way Shutoff Valved Nipples and Couplers.

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Models 78 and 79 Series 410 is the same flow and internal components as Models 66 and 67 however they are not interchangeable. Use these models when there are two fluids or more which should not be mixed.  Models 78 and 79 are nickel plated for color difference from Models 66 and 67 which are black in color.

Models 78 and 79 utilize heat-treated parts for interchangeability and long life.  They provide a large unrestricted flow rate for a variety of production uses, while minimizing process material loss during coupling and uncoupling.

An eight (8) ball detent lock provides instant positive coupling.  Simply pull back the grooved locking ring on the Coupler, slide the Coupler over the Nipple and push together until the lock ring snaps to its “lock position”.

Because of the unique design of the Series 410 Couplers and Nipple assemblies, they are able to be built using inexpensive O-ring seals which provide positive leak-tight shutoff.  They will hold pressure from vacuum to 1000 psig.

The standard Series 410 Coupler and Nipple assemblies can be built with a variety of seal compounds to satisfy your application.  Neoprene compound is generally used for R-22, R410, R404a and compressed air.  Buna-N is generally used for HFC-134a with lubricants. Other applications, which require oils/lubricants, please contact our Order Department at (937) 299-5594 for help in selecting the correct compound for your particular application.

The Series 410 Couplers and Nipples complement our Series 500, 91, and 93 Tube Quick Connect (TQC) Couplers to permit unrestricted flow.

Customized end caps are available.


(PB068) Series 410 Models 78 & 79


Two-way Shutoff Couplers

Coupler - O-RING

Buna-n (Nitrile), EPDM, Fluorocarbon, HFC-134a, Neoprene


Series 410


Helium, Nitrogen

Coupler - End Cap Style

1/2 NPT, Female, 1/2 NPT, Male, 1/2 SAE, Flared Male, 1/4 NPT, female, 1/4 NPT, male, 1/4 SAE, flare, male, 1/8 NPT, 1/8 NPT, female, 1/8 NPT, male, 3/4 NPT, Female, 3/4 NPT, Male, 3/4 SAE, Flared Male, 3/8 NPT, Female, 3/8 NPT, Male, 3/8 SAE, flare, male, 3/8 SAE, Flared Male, 5/8 SAE, Flared Male

Coupler - MODELS

Model 78, Model 79

Coupler - Flange

Black Flange