Industrial Gas Recovery & Purification System

The PCU Industrial Gas Recovery & Purification System is designed for unattended plant-wide operation and provides an efficient means to reuse industrial gases. The system is custom engineered to exact plant requirements for each application.

– The typical flow rate range is from 1 scfm to 20 scfm (with higher flow rates available).
– Typical test pressure is 200 psig (up to 3500 psig).

The industrial gas supply can be connected to either one or multiple locations. Gases are routed through strainers, filters, and dryers resulting in the rapid removal of particulates and moisture. Additionally, the Industrial Gas Recovery & Purification System can be configured to monitor gas mix concentration (resulting in concentrations from 10 to 100%).

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Features and Options

    • Fully automatic process.
    • Operator Interface Terminal.
    • Customizable process and cycle options.
    • Multiple selection criteria.
    • Continuous monitoring of parameters.
    • Automatic clamp tooling.
    • Rapid flow precision tooling.
    • High-speed fill rates.
    • Barcode reader product identification.
    • Fault indicators.


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