How Can We Help You?

Are you ready to transform your operations to be more ergonomic, efficient and modern? PCU is ready to work with you. Contact us and make today the day that you have true 360-degree integration.

Remote Support Services

Phone Support

Just call (937) 299-5594, then hit ‘3’ for our technical support team.

Tech In a Box (TIAB)

Remote solutions can be installed directly on a machine panel for permanent use or it can be shipped to your location and returned upon completion of your consultation.

Email support

Contact our team at support@pcuinc.com . We have system manuals available as well as archived backups of system PLC/HMI programs.

Onsite Support Services

Emergency Support

Our Field Service Technician/Engineer is dispatched to your facility to repair down equipment.


Let our experts help your teams with hands-on preventative maintenance procedures, the review of normal equipment operation to identify common operator-induced faults, basic troubleshooting for the most common alarms/faults, and process theory based on your equipment.

Production Supervision

One of our PCU Service Technicians will be onsite to provide immediate support during product changeovers, new product launches, system commissioning, and other new processes or procedures.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance on Yaskawa Motoman Robots.

  • Complete inspection of manipulator and controller
  • Lubrication of manipulator
  • Inspection of internal wiring harness
  • Home Position calibration verification
  • Controller/robot battery replacement
  • System backups
    • Backup provided to customer
    • Backup archived at PCU to provide system restoration

Custom Services

Customized Support Services

We also offer other customized support services like tool rebuilds and spare parts packages. If you are interested in a program created specifically for you, please contact us below.