Air Suspension Fill

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The Air Suspension Fill System consists of a Base Unit, a free-standing PanelView Operator Interface Terminal (OIT), and a Console that provides a convenient means for the operator to control system air flow to the fill tool. The machine is designed to pressurize a vehicle suspension system with compressed air and then monitor the system for pressure decay.

The system Base Unit is located above the assembly line and supplies the input / output (I/O) power and regulated air to the Console and Fill Tool. The Base Unit consists of an electrical enclosure and a mechanical plumbing panel. The electrical enclosure contains the fill system transformers, power supplies, fuses, circuit breakers, and a programmable logic controller (PLC). The mechanical plumbing panel contains an air filter, air dryer, air regulators, pressure switches, solenoids, booster pumps, two holding tanks, and a compressor.

The system festoon is attached to a rail over the vehicle assembly line (using trollies) and provides sufficient travel for the Fill Tool to fill a vehicle as it moves down the assembly line. Suspended from the festoon are the Fill Tool, an eight-way connector, and the operator pendant including Start / Stop pushbuttons.


Single Gas or Fluid Fill, Transportation Market

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