Burst Test/Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Test System

The PCU Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Test System is a compact easy to operate ultra-fine leak test system. This system embodies PCU’s field-proven testing technology in combination with modern electronic control, compact industrial design, and simplified operator use. The result is a durable and dependable operation with accurate and repeatable process control. The operator interface panel allows the technician to view the cycle status as it progresses. Once the system is configured, the operator is only required to load/unload the product and initiate the test.

Utilizing a high vacuum chamber, the test system is used to test pre-charged parts for leaks which are too small to be detected via vacuum or pressure decay tests. It replaces the subjective bubble leak test while eliminating hours of required test time. A typical configuration consists of pressurized air supply for high vacuum chamber door operation along with a 460/3/60 power supply to minimize system current draw. Once the chamber door is closed, the roughing pump evacuates the chamber in preparation for the ultra-fine leak test. After part leak test is complete, the chamber is vented, the part may be removed and the system resets for the next test.

Features and Options

•Two-stage rotary vane roughing pump with blower
•Integrated Inficon LDS 2000 mass spectrometer
•Onboard NIST traceable calibration verification capable
•Integral test verification with every cycle
•Multiple fault indicators
•Allen-Bradley Panel View
•Allen-Bradley Micro Logix 1500
•Data mining w/printer capable
•Optional power requirements available
•Optional chamber configurations available
•Capable of detecting leaks to 1×10-5 atm cc/sec*
•Total test time less then 2 minutes (Dependent on part configuration and test time)


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