A/C Calibration/Verification Test Kit

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The Basic Kit (Part # 207179-001) provides the necessary tools (equipment) needed to perform calibration procedures and verification of refrigerant charging equipment. This kit is designed to be used with HFC-134a refrigerant systems. Additional supplies can be provided for systems which dispense refrigerant oil. The kit is designed for calibration and verification of target reference values and is not intended for certification of equipment or processes. PCU provides certification services to customers for their equipment and our vendor supplied components. If certification of equipment or components is needed, please contact PCU at our Dayton, Ohio office and arrangements can be made to meet your needs.

The PCU A/C Calibration & Verification test kit can be upgraded to a certified test kit at the customer’s request, for an additional fee. In addition, a separate certified kit can be purchased. In either case, certification of the test kit can be maintained through a service agreement with PCU.


Supporting Equipment and Accessories