Evaporator Fuel System Leak Test Unit

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The PCU Computest Series 43000 Evaporative Fuel System Leak Test Unit provides an effective means to verify the leak free integrity of the assembled gasoline evaporative fuel system in automobiles, light trucks, mini-vans, vans, and sport utility vehicles.

The Computest Series 43000 can be used “on-line” during the vehicle assembly process or “off-line” following vehicle assembly to verify, record, or provide a source of data to the assembly plant vehicle information computer system concerning the leak free integrity of the vehicle evaporative fuel system. The system can be used for testing of all vehicle evaporative fuel systems, retesting of repaired evaporative fuel systems, or audit of vehicle evaporative fuel systems. Resulting data can be utilized to demonstrate compliance with EPA requirements for elimination of hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere.

An operator performs a typical test by attaching the Computest Series 43000 adapter to the vehicle fuel filler neck. Upon operator initiation of the test, the test cycle, analysis of results, and communication of results is performed completely automatically by the Computest Series 43000 Unit.

The test cycle includes phases for pressurization of the fuel system with air over a stabilization period after which the fuel system is tested for air flow indicative of a leak, and communication of results.


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