• Hardened Steel for long like and reduced wear.
  • Rebuild-able.
  • Bubble tight to 10^-6cc/m leak rate, so great for testing applications.
  • Perfect for automated test coupling:
    • The locking ring is hardened and has a feature that can be used for automated actuation.
    • Can be ordered without locking ring if you want to maintain the seal with the connection motion,
    • Check valves are fully engaged until the coupler is sealed to eliminate leaks and drips.
  • Configurable in many ways including check valves in the male/female coupler or both.
  • Capable of pressure to 1,000PSI, and configurable for a variety of media including harsh chemicals, refrigerants, oils, gases, etc.
  • Customizable – we can make something that fits your particular need if you can’t find it in our standard offerings.