The Brake Pedal Test System is used to verify the integrity of the vehicle brake system. The Brake Pedal Test base unit is located on the production floor, while the mobile console is mounted on rails and located on the operator platform adjacent to the vehicle. The base unit provides air and hydraulic fluid to the mobile console. The mobile console is equipped with a test fixture for interfacing with the brake pedal.
The operator first connects the vacuum hose to the brake booster in the engine compartment. A slight vacuum is introduced to the booster to simulate the vehicle vacuum while the engine is running. After this connection is made, the operator then maneuvers the test fixture into the vehicle. Next, the operator selects the process style from the four flashing style lights on the assist arm. Finally, the operator presses the start button near the test fixture to start the process cycle. The test fixture verifies the vehicle brake system by pressing the brake pedal at specific forces to simulate the driver. Movement of the brake pedal is measured and compared to limits programmed into the PLC vehicle style. When the process cycle is complete, the operator removes the test fixture and vacuum hose. The mobile console is returned manually to the home position. A green light on the console denotes a pass and a red light denotes a failure.


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