Series 250 Evacuate & Charge Coupler

  • Product Code: Series 250 Evacuate & Charge Coupler


The Evacuate & Charge Coupler is designed for independent stem operation. The Operator manually clamps onto a PCU 250 Process Fitting then rotates the lever up/forward to open the fitting. When the lever is up/forward, this action locks the coupler onto the Process Fitting preventing the release of the coupler during the process. When this process is complete, the operator closes the flow passage & shutoff valve by rotating the lever into a down position. The coupler may then be removed from the Process Nipple. PCU, Inc will custom design couplers for your application.

  • Vacuum/Air
  • Helium
  • Nitrogen
Pressure25 Microns to 500 psig
STD Proccess FittingPCU 250 Nipple
Flow Rate0.43Cv
Nose SealOR113 O-Ring
Process Fitting Clamp AssyPCU BalLoc
End Cap Thread1/4 NPT Female
Standard Stock CouplerP/N 46211