CompuTest Tool Testing Machine

  • Product Code: CompuTest Tool Testing Machine


The CompuTest 2004 is ideal for bench use, light weight and portable with a small profile. It has full testing capability for validating fill head functionality and uses existing compressed air service providing a nominal 100psig (Sterling Plus). The CompuTest 2004 connects to any standard 120vac/15a outlet. There are no moving parts or inductive loads minimizing electric power consumption. It is universal for all PCU and other manufactures' fill heads, adapters and flll tools.


  • Full Testing Capability
  • Light Weight, Portable
  • Connects to Standard 120vac/ 15a Outlet
  • No Moving Parts
  • Universal Applications
  • Operates Using Existing Compressed Air
Weight16 lbs (7.3 kg)
Vacuum Indicating Range0.01-50.00 Torr
Vacuum Pump (Max)4 Torr.
Air Regulator0-100 psig
Air Regulator (Max)300 psig
Temperature Operating Range0-50º C (32-122º F)
Utilities Required
Electrical Power10/120 VAC 15A 50/60 HZ
Factory Air Supply100 psig (7.03 kg/cm2)