Windshield Washer Fluid Filling Machine

360-Degree Integration

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The CompuFill Windshield Washer system is an integral part of the automated assembly environment. The machine provides for easy volume filling of the windshield washer fluid into the reservoir. It is comprised of two major components. The floor mounted base unit with PLC and intrinsically safe electrical controls and the rail mounted carrier with operator indicators and fill tool pendant. The carrier is constructed with two separate NEMA 12 enclosures. The operator interface panel allows for easy operation letting the operator set vacuum level presets, cycle times, mix concentrations and fill volumes. Data storage and retrieval is available for verification of fills and trouble shooting equipment on site or remotely.

Features and Options

  • Operator Interface Terminal
  • Multiple selection criteria
  • Multiple mix criteria
  • Fill size verification
  • Fault indicators
  • Low fluid pressure fault alarm
  • Flowmeter control
  • Rapid flow precision tooling
  • Air operated fill tool
  • Industry anti-drip tooling
  • Various size/styles port openings
  • Overflow bottle fill
  • Intrinsically safe class II construction
  • Automatic switch-over backup pump
  • Rail mounted stations
  • Base stations with rail-mounted consoles
  • Data mining w/ printer
  • Barcode reader vehicle identification