Rail Mounted Evacuator

360-Degree Integration

Every unique problem calls for a unique solution. Please contact PCU today to see how we can create a custom designed solution specifically for your manufacturing facility.

The PCU Evacuator is a specialized industrial machine that provides a means to effectively evacuate a product for a preset period of time and if required will perform a vacuum decay leak test. The Evacuator is utilized in the production line manufacturing areas to process dehumidifiers, refrigerators, air-conditioners, heat exchangers and vehicle refrigeration systems. The unit has been designed so that minimal effort is required. The operator interface panel provides for cycle sequence and fault indications. Included is a quick connect tool to connect to the product along with a “Start/Stop” and “Reset Pushbuttons”. The PCU Evacuator is comprised of the highest quality components and rugged construction is why it is considered the fastest, most reliable evacuation machine in the industry.