Fuel Filling Machine

360-Degree Integration

Every unique problem calls for a unique solution. Please contact PCU today to see how we can create a custom designed solution specifically for your manufacturing facility.

The CompuFill Fuel Fill system offers a premium fuel fill process with full data acquisition and process control options. The machine utilizes proven components and delivers outstanding quality and dependability with proven technology standards. These cost savings systems are fast, accurate, and are able to accommodate gasoline, diesel, alternate fuels, and fuel additives. The machines are configured with intrinsically safe electrical enclosures and fuel skids and are built to IEC and NEC electrical specifications. System controls and process configuration is handled by a PLC linked to an operator interface. The operator interface panel allows for easy operation letting the operator set multiple criteria including fill rate and pressure. All of PCU's CompuFill machines allow for a custom footprint and the option to add performance improvements at a later date. Data storage and retrieval is available for verification of fills and trouble shooting equipment on site or remotely.

Features and Options

  • Fully automatic process
  • Allen Bradley PanelView® Touchscreen Operator Interface Terminal
  • Customizable process and cycle options
  • Fill size verification
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Fault indicators
  • Intrinsically safe electrical controls
  • Fuel chiller
  • Multiple fluids from one nozzle
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vapor recovery
  • Manual fill backup
  • Diesel prime
  • Diesel winter additive
  • Industry anti-drip tooling
  • Rapid flow precision tooling
  • High-speed fill rates
  • Data mining w/ printer
  • Barcode reader vehicle identification