CompuCharge 6000 Refrigerant Evacuate & Charge System

360-Degree Integration

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The PCU CompuCharge 6000 Evacuate and Charge System provides the operator with a convenient method to accurately evacuate and charge a specified quantity of refrigerant and oil into various types of cooling systems.

The CompuCharge 6000 is utilized in production line manufacturing areas to process vehicles, refrigerators, mobile A/C systems, air conditioners, and heat exchangers. The system is designed so that minimal effort and input are required. The Operator Interface Terminal provides an efficient means to manage cycle sequence / fault indications and is equipped with a keypad for selecting charge quantity, evacuation time, vacuum check time, and vacuum check limit. A quick connect charge tool is included, which provides "Start" and "Reset" pushbuttons.

Normal operation is to verify the product parameters match the machine configuration, manually connect the charge tool to the product, then press the "Start" pushbutton on the tool pendant. The system automatically cycles through the sequence and notifies the operator when the cycle is complete.