CompuCharge 1000 Refrigerant Evacuate & Charge

360-Degree Integration

Every unique problem calls for a unique solution. Please contact PCU today to see how we can create a custom designed solution specifically for your manufacturing facility.

CompuCharge Refrigerant Chargers are designed and built for accuracy and reliability by experienced engineers and assemblers. Utilizing proven components in both standard and custom packages, the system effectively evacuates and charges a precise amount of refrigerant and/or oil into various cooling system types and sizes. Operator Interface Terminals provide ease of selection for multiple charge sizes, evacuation times, vacuum check times, and vacuum check limits. Low maintenance combined with low operating cost make these machines the industry standard. Data storage and retrieval is available for charge verification and troubleshooting equipment either on-site or remotely.

Features and Options

  • Mass flowmeter
  • Hydraulic ram
  • Pump
  • Operator Interface Terminal
  • Charge size verification
  • Multiple selection criteria
  • Fault indicators
  • Automatic clamp charging tool
  • Automatic tool positioning
  • Quick connect charging tool
  • Industry anti-drip tooling
  • Rapid flow precision tooling
  • Pre-evacuation
  • Precision metering units
  • Various size/styles port openings
  • Rail mounted stations
  • Base stations with rail mounted consoles
  • Data mining w/ printer
  • Heated supply lines
  • Transfer pumps
  • Line accumulators


  • CO2
  • HFC-134a
  • HFO-1234yf
  • R-11
  • R-12
  • R-123
  • R-152
  • R-22
  • R-290
  • R-402a
  • R-404a
  • R-407a
  • R-408a
  • R-410a
  • R-500
  • R-507
  • R-508b
  • R-600
  • R-600a
  • R-717