Refrigeration Tools: Series 130 Rectangular Style Manual Clamp

  • Product Code: Series 130 Rectangular Style Manual Clamp


The Series 130 Charging Tool is the interface adapter for a refrigerant/oil charging system. It is designed with minimum refrigerant loss to atmosphere. The manual clamping mechanism used is the time proven BalLoc method. This tool is designed to operate with the Mass Flowmeter Refrigerant Charging System. The tool contains multiple separate fluid circuits, controlled by air pilot pressure, which may be used for vacuum, refrigerant, salvage, oil, or any other fluid.

Tools with automatic clamping are available.


  • Minimum Refrigerant Loss
  • Manual disconnect
  • High vacuum & refrigerant flow rates
  • Lightweight
  • Connection to a variety of process fittings
  • Relief style refrigerant & oil valve
  • Air operated vacuum valve
  • Easily adapted to different style process fittings
  • Easily modified for multiple refrigerants
  • Optional selector switch for multiple charge size
  • Independent stem operation
  • Scavenge optional
Factory Air Supply70 psig (4.9 kg/cm2)
Vacuum Port Fitting1/2" JIC Flare
Refrigerant3/8" JIC Flare
Oil Port Fitting3/8" SAE Flare
Air Port Fitting1/4" Dia. One Touch Connectors
Weight2.4 to 10 lbs (1.09 to 4.54 kg)
Vacuum Range0-760 TORR (0-760 mmHg)
Refrigerant ValveOpens with pressure air @ 70 psig
Oil ValveOpens with pressure air @ 70 psig
Vacuum ValveOpens with pressure air @ 70 psig
Standard Charge Rate50 to 300 g/s
Maximum Refrigerant Pressure

200 psig @ 70psi air

300 psig @ 80 psi air

400 psig @ 90 psi air

500 psig @ 100 psi air

Air Pilots(Vacuum, Refrigerant, Oil)

Tool Valve Block Flow Capacity (Refrig., Vacuum, Oil)

0.9 Cv (Typical)
Process Fitting CompatibilityPCU or Hansen Fittings
Process Fitting Clamp SystemPCU BalLoc
Electrical Connection165-15 Amphenol 9 Pin Receptacle
Oil  & Refrigerant CompatibilityDepends on Combination (Contact PCU Engineering)