Refrigeration Tools: Series 130 Refrigerant Evacuation & Charging Tool Power

  • Product Code: Series 130 Evacuation & Refrigerant Charging Tool Power


The 130 charging tool is the interface adapter for a refrigerant / oil charging system which connects to the process fitting. The tool allows for minimum refrigerant loss with automatic operation upon connection to the fitting. The tool is used with flowmeter refrigerant charging systems, and is air operated and light weight. The tool contains three separate fluid circuits which can accommodate vacuum, refrigerant, salvage or oil.

STANDARD STOCK P/N: 130087-050 (50 g/sec)


  • Minimum Refrigerant Loss
  • Automatic Operation after Power Clamp
  • High Vacuum, Refrigerant & Oil Flow Rates
  • Separate Refrigerant & Oil Connections
  • Easy Valve Body Maintenance
  • Economical
  • Repairable
Factory Air Supply70 psig (4.9 kg/cm2)
Vacuum Port Fitting1/2" JIC flare
Refrigerant3/8" JIC flare
Oil Port Fitting3/8" SAE flare
Air Port Fitting1/4" Dia One Touch Connectors
Weight3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
Vacuum Range0-760 TORR (0-760 mmHg)
RefrigerantHFC-134a (Opens with pressure air @ 70 psi)
OilPolylester or PAG (Opens with pressure air @ 70 psi)
Standard Charge Rate50 g/s
Maximum Refrigerant Pressure

200 psig @70 psi air

300 psig @ 80 psi air

400 psig @ 90 psi air

500 psig @ 100 psi air

Air Pilots(Vacuum, Refrigerant, Oil)
Process Fitting CompatibilitySAE J639
Process Fitting Nose SealMolded Seal
Process Fitting Clamp SystemPCU BalLoc
Tool Valve Block Flow Capacity

0.36 Cv (typical) for low-side

0.41 Cv (typical ) for hi-side

Power Coupler

Low-Side: 109006-001

High Side: 102750-001

PATENTS: Patent Pending