Operational Framework


To Be Recognized for Having Growth Oriented Professionals That Transform Ideas Into Action Worldwide.


Provide Superior Service and Support for Client Success

When Delivering Specified I ntelligent P rocess E quipment( IPE ) to Global OEM’s.


Recognize that Self-Motivated People Are Our Greatest Asset

Treat Each Other With Trust& Respect

Be Fair, Honest and Open

Make and Keep Our Commitments– Say/Do=1



Be The Indispensable Extension of a Clients Business

What We Are Deeply Passionate About:  Overcoming Clients Technical Challenges

What We Can Be Best in the World At:  Optimizing the Clients Experience

What Drives The Economic Engine:  Cash Flow Per Successful Client Opportunity

Having “Good” people is a hallmark of Production Control Units.  Having highly productive professionals that exhibit the behaviors of uncompromising standards of excellence, makes PCU a “Great” company with the “Right” people.  Hiring against a “Gold” standard and providing employees with the tools to do the job, sets the tone for establishing clearly understood performance expectations, and opens the lines of communication for performance feedback and accountability, as well as performance recognition and advancement.  Having capable people, engaged in the journey of moving the organization to ever greater levels of ( IPE ) innovation, quality workmanship, and technical service as well as support, is the foundation for a client’s decision of doing business with who they know and trust.

The realization that qualifying business with clients that want to do business with PCU, sets the tone for seeking out the right clients, and gives the organization the courage to respectfully decline doing business with the wrong clients.  Being competent with asking the tough questions as business people, gains the trust of a client to engage PCU in determining a solution all parties are proud of, and positions PCU in the enviable spot of “Preferred Supplier” to industry leading companies that are procuring More Than Just Great Equipment .

Since its founding in 1946, PCU remains a vibrant organization.  With a genuine curiosity for what the client wants, a knack for discovering what they need, and the relationship to get at what investment is required, Team PCU remains in the business of selling, engineering, assembling and supporting process and special industrial equipment that results in Client’s Peace of Mind!