Refrigerant Recovery Machine/Recycling Machine

  • Product Code: Refrigerant Recovery Machine/Recycling Machine


PCU's Refrigerant Recycling Systems are designed to remove refrigerant safely, efficiently, and economically. Systems are adaptable to work in separate work areas or plant wide. Once the refrigerant has been reprocessed by separating oil, moisture and air the refrigerant may be reused. Systems operate automatically without an operator present. The recovery of recycled refrigerant helps control inventory costs. The system utilizes proven components in both standard and custom packages. Operator interface panels provide ease of use for selection criteria. Data storage and retrieval is available for verification of data and trouble shooting equipment on site or remotely.

Features and Options
  • Operator Interface Terminal
  • Fault indicators
  • Compressor monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Adaptable to different refrigerants
  • Quick connect couplers
  • Various Capacity
  • Various safety devices
  • Tank to store liquids
  • Transfer pumps
  • Oil-less Compressors
  • Air or Water Cooled
  • PLC controlled
  • Data mining w/ printer
  • Barcode reader product identification