Transfer Cart for Refrigerant

  • Product Code: Transfer Cart for Refrigerant


The PCU Refrigerant Transfer Cart is a self contained unit for all of your liquid refrigerant transfer needs. Just connect the supply hose to the source and the outlet hose to a refrigerant bottle that can be easily stored and transported on the cart itself. Connect plant air to the pump and the unit does the rest.


  • Light Weight, Portable
  • Universal Applications
  • Operates Using existing Compressed Air
  • Haskel 4:1 boost pump
  • Air regulator for adjusting incoming air to pump, which will change the output pressure.
  • Drum connectors for connecting to refrigerant bottles.
  • All conveniently mounted to a portable 120# bottle cart.

Technical Specifications
Air Regulator0-140 psig
Haskel Pump4:1 Output Ratio

Utilities Required
Factory Air Supply40 - 60 psig