Data Acquisition

  • Product Code: ADAM-8


This customizable Data Acquisition and Mining Module is built on an embedded PC housed in a rugged industrial enclosure, which can be mounted directly on a machine or accessed remotely via an Ethernet connection. The ADAM-8 advanced data collection software suite enables manufacturing companies to reliably collect, monitor, and evaluate production data used to manage operations.  Available for either the Windows®  or Linux® operating system, this application has the flexibility to retrieve data from a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC®), store it within a standard database structure, generate printable reports, and display the data in a convenient Web-enabled interface; all from the comfort of one’s own office.
Features and Options

  • Log valuable production data to networked PCs or file servers for Statistical Process Control decision-making
  • Archive test data in a secure file location with built-in date/time stamping to satisfy quality assurance audit requirements
  • Develop historical trending for use in high-level business system applications
  • Create web-based reports for remote data monitoring/graphing from any standard web browser
  • Generate or export reports to PDF, CSV, or Excel files
  • Data can be linked by unique identifier: Bar-code, Serial Number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Use VIN or bar-code scanner triggered events to create batch files and download them to a PLC
  • Easily manage user log-in privileges to control the extent to which users access, edit, or view information
  • PLC drivers for over 65 distinct manufacturers.

 Operating System Support

  • Windows®
  • Linux® (Ubuntu)

Database Storage Support
ADAM-8 is capable of communicating with any application that supports the standard "ODBC" data source format.

  • Microsoft® Access®
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL®
  • Oracle®

Download the Data Acquisition documentation here.