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  • Vacuum Dehydrator: When You Need the Driest Fluids Possible

    Moisture is everywhere— including in oil and other product fluids waiting to be used in your machines and components. Oil and most other product fluids, such as brake fluid and air conditioning compressor oil, are hygroscopic, meaning that once you take the lid off its container, it will absorb enough water from the atmosphere that it's

  • How an Inexpensive Tool Rebuild Program Can Increase Machine Uptime

    A popular car manufacturer did what most manufacturers would do. When the tools and adapters used to evacuate and recharge their newly manufactured cars' refrigerant units wore out, they fixed them themselves and put them back on the machine. Only there was a problem...

  • Save Time and Money with Proper Refrigerant System Evacuation

    Refrigerant system evacuation may only take a few minutes, but it's one of the most vital processes in ensuring a quality refrigeration system. Proper refrigerant evacuation checks for leaks, removes harmful contaminants, and increases the efficiency of the system. Yet, it's a process most manufacturers—especially those manufacturing automobiles

  • Retrofitting Helium Recovery System Can Save Tens of Thousands in Helium Costs!

    Helium received national attention in 2010 when the helium shortage—and subsequent rising prices—gained mainstream attention. Since then more and more companies have installed helium recovery systems to capture and reuse the helium in industrial applications. However, as these systems become more commonplace, another problem arises...