Application Experience

Engineering Capabilities

PCU serves a wide range of industries and OEM's around the world including Transportation, Appliance, Aerospace, Micro-Processor, as well as Commercial and Medical Refrigeration. This experience has nurtured a platform of both skills and capabilities to remain a long-term valued supplier to existing customers, as well as a "fresh set of eyes" to new OEM customers serving the Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Alternative Fuels, and Wind Power Industries.


  • PLC Control, Monitoring, and Vision Systems
  • Fluid Dispensing, Refrigerant Charging, and Metering Systems
  • Chambered Mass Spectrometry and Run Test Systems
  • Web Enabled Data Mining, Data Collection, Remote Networking, Product Reporting,
    and System Parameter Notification Systems
  • Rotary Table Assembly Systems
  • Battery Fill and Test Systems
  • Automatic System Tracking, Transfer, and Tool Presentation Systems
  • Reclamation, Recycling, and Recovery of Fluids and Gases
  • Air Flow Dynamic Testing Systems
  • Tube Soldering Systems
  • Chemical Mixing and Fluid Purification Systems
  • Design and Build of Specialty Fill Tools, Fill Adaptors, Couplers  
  • Production Process System Scope Development
  • Mechanical and Electrical Integration
  • Semi-automatic Process and Assembly Control
  • System Hardware Integration and Control
  • Process Testing Systems and Control
  • Gauging, Testing, and Metering Systems
  • Fluid Storage Systems
  • Vacuum Systems 


Technical Service

We offer a wide range of field services and technical support including production start-up, emergency repair, telephone technical support, calibration programs, inspection/preventive maintenance services, and machine upgrades/refurbishments. We also service equipment designed and built by other manufacturers. We are a full service provider of equipment formerly manufactured by D&B Engineering.

Process Evaluations

We provide an assessment to identify and define any process, application, and/or production issue to determine compatibility with product introductions and changes that may require process modifications or a new process, machine, or product interface to be developed. We can also complete an evaluation and analysis of system performance, process capabilities, and maintenance requirements including an assessment report and recommendations.

Technical Training

We offer advanced and basic training programs tailored to maximize the knowledge and productivity of your maintenance crew and equipment operators. We adapt to a variety of training environments including formal classroom training, practical machine-side instruction, and on-site delivery with the customer’s own equipment. Training includes student manuals and handouts (with practical applications and exercises) and covers safety, system purpose, sequence of operation, operator interface, calibration, troubleshooting, and maintenance.